5 songs for those who are getting curious about Visual Kei. (2/5)

SHAZNA : Melty Love (1997)

In Japan, many people generally think of SHAZNA when they think of Visual kei. This is probably because IZAM shocked people with his neutral looks and cute appearance. While many Visual kei bands express dark concepts, SHAZNA became popular for their adorable fashion and love-themed songs. “Melty Love” is SHAZNA’s biggest hit.

One of the characteristics of this song is its rhythmic sound. The use of major chords, repetition of the melody, and light singing, all of these elements left a strong impression on the public, and SHAZNA quickly rose to stardom. Vocalist IZAM’s pink hair, twin-tail hair, stylish and cute fashion, and charming smile shocked society, and IZAM’s existence was a social phenomenon.

The lyrics of “Melty Love” convey the feeling of “I can’t think of anyone else but you!” Such cute lyrics have captured the hearts of many people. Even those who are not in love will feel heartwarming when you listen to “Melty Love”.

writer Nakajima