5 Songs to listen to when you don’t know what to listen to in Vkei genre. (4/5)


GLAY is one of VKei legend bands that is widely known to those who do not know Visual Kei so much. GLAY has wore relatively natural makeup during its heyday, so it may be a bit different from the public image of Visual Kei bands.

Sudden beginning of the song is impressive.

In general, visual kei music often starts with an impressive introduction, and gradually move onto the peak, but the peak of “Kuchibiru” starts from the beginning. It is like a signal that love begins, expressing lyrics written about a burning love. Do you notice that the synthesizer sound uses as an accent? As the heart rate rises, the sound of the synthesizer continue to sound.

TERU’s husky voice

After all, we have to mention his voice as a highlight of this song. TERU’s voice is just fascinating and is easy to recognize. Many artists have been longing for his high tone voice.

How was this song? By the time when you finish listening to the song, you’ll be hooked on GLAY’s rock!

writer Kato