5 Songs to listen to when you don’t know what to listen to in Vkei genre. (3/5)


The impact that the Japanese monster band, LUNASEA, has had on the music industry is immense. The song “ROSIER” in particular was copied not only by Visual Kei bands, but also by many kids who aspired to become rock musicians.

When the bassist J composed the song, he put meaning that is ”He buried himself who got into a slump” into the lyrics. Thus, you can feel the strong vitality to creep up from adversity.

SUGIZO(Gt.) plays beautiful riffs and INORAN(Gt.) beats out a rhythm and Shinya’s stable sound gives the song multiple weights. J’s bass stands out but harmonizes with other instruments and Ryuichi’s sweet voice has unique richness like a rose. Seeing like above, LUNASEA is an ideal band since each member has a strong personality and respects each other.

Like the iconic lyric “I am the trigger” from ROSEIR, LUNASEA will be a catalyst for many children who are just starting out in music. If you want to start playing music, I suggest you start practicing with “ROSIER”!

writer: Kato