10 recommended Vkei songs from the 2010s that you can listen to on Spotify. (2/2)

Around the 2010s, the number of cases of parents and children who are both V-kei fans began to increase, and it was clear that visual-kei had been elevated from a temporary movement to a unique Japanese culture.

Many large-scale V-kei festivals were held, such as the VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT led by X JAPAN, LUNA SEA, and GLAY, and the LUNATIC FESTIVAL organized by LUNA SEA, making the 2010s an enjoyable time for artists and fans alike. There are also many recommended songs on Spotify.

“Sora no Uta~Higher and Higher~” by LUNA SEA (2019)

Released on May 29, 2019, the 30th anniversary of LUNA SEA’s formation, “Space Poem ~Higher and Higher~” was also the OP theme for “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Last Night of the Red Comet”. The band’s overwhelming performance techniques, backed up by its history of 30 years of activity, are a perfect match with the profound world view of Gundam. SUGIZO, who is known to be a big Gundam fan, also plays a superb guitar.

Release Date : 2019/05/29
Members at the time of release : Ryuichi(Vo.), SUGIZO(Gt.), INORAN(Gt.), J(Ba.), 真矢(Dr.)

“Boku ha Android” by DADAROMA (2018)

The song “Boku ha android” is an impressive song that depicts the anguish of an android that is supposed to have no feelings. The lyrics are also impressive because they defy the expectation that the android will be restored to normal after a reset, even if it does have feelings. It might make you feel sad when you think about the android’s feelings.

Check out the music video for this song as well. Watching Yoshiatsu sing the song with a mixture of melancholy and empty energy will make you feel as if you have just watched an avant-garde film.

Release Date : 2018/07/18
Members at the time of release : よしあつ(Vo.), 太嘉志(Gt.), 朋(Ba.), 裕介(Dr.)

“LILIA” by Royz (2014)

Royz is a visual kei band with vocalist Subaru’s high tone clear voice and sophisticated visuals.” LILIA” is reminiscent of the authentic visual-kei songs of the 90s that they used to listen to. In fact, the intro, the twin guitar harmonies, and the melodic passages may make you feel nostalgic.

Release Date : 2014/01/15
Members at the time of release : Subaru(Vo.), Kazuki(Gt.), Kodai(Ba.), Tomoya(Dr.)

“SHIVER” by the GazettE (2010)

“SHIVER” is the OP theme for the anime “Black Butler II” and the GazettE’s first anime tie-in song. Catchy, gorgeous, and easy to listen to, “SHIVER” was one of the songs that spread the GazettE’s greatness to people who don’t usually listen to Visual Kei. Many of you may have taken this opportunity to go back and listen to their past songs and become fans.

Release Date : 2010/07/21
Members at the time of release : RUKI(Vo.), URUHA(Gt.), AOI(Gt.), REITA(Ba.), KAI(Dr.)

“Toxic Menhera Doll” by 0.1 no Gosan (2016)

0.1g no Gosan is known as the most buzzed-about Visual Kei band in Japan. Their popular song “Toxic Menhera Doll” has captured the hearts of many people with its sudden changes in tune and unpredictable melody from beginning to end. It is highly addictive, and you will want to repeat it over and over again. There are also other songs in the series, “Dekiai Yandere Boy,” “Zetsubo Membre Girl,” and “Yokai Mounted Girl,” so be sure to listen to those as well.

Release Date : 2016/05/18
Members at the time of release: Midorikawa You(Vo.), Kawamura Tomoyuki(Gt.), Mizuta Mari(Gt.), Masaki Daisuke(Ba.), Kanzaki Iria(Dr.)

writer Nakajima