10 recommended Vkei songs from the 2010s that you can listen to on Spotify. (1/2)

The late 2000s through the 2010s were marked by the restart of legendary bands such as X and D’ERLANGER in 2007 and LUNA SEA’s reunion in 2010. Young bands were also born one after another, and in some cases, bands that were once active were revived for a limited period of time.

If such cases are counted, the 2010s may be said to have been the most exciting period for Visual-kei.
Let’s take a look back at the Visual-kei music of the 2010s on Spotify, with a mixture of old and new bands!

“Born to be free” by X JAPAN (2015)

X JAPAN reunited in 2007, 10 years after their 1997 breakup, and continued to be active in the 2010s, performing overseas and releasing new music. “Born to Be Free” was announced in 2015 as a song to be included on the new album, which was scheduled for release in March 2016. Unfortunately, the album release date has been postponed to the present, but “BORN TO BE FREE” was first performed at the X JAPAN WORLD TOUR Live in YOKOHAMA in 2010 and has since become an essential song for live performances. The message, “No one can take our life away from us,” can be taken as a strong message to those who feel compelled to live under restrictions. It is truly a song that gives one the energy to live!

Release Date : 2015/11/06
Members at the time of release : TOSHI(Vo.), PATA(Gt.), SUGIZO(Gt.), HEATH(Ba.), YOSHIKI(Dr.), HIDE(Gt.), TAIJI(Ba.)

“Ohayo” by DEZERT (2018)

DEZERT’s “Ohayo” was given away for free at the July 5, 2016 ZEPP TOKYO concert and was officially included on the album TODAY in 2018. The song “Ohayo” starts with children’s voices and sounds cheerful for a moment, but the lyrics are quite heavy. Chiaki sings the lyrics with such innocence and cheerfulness. The gap between the brightness and darkness of the song and its atmosphere is quite captivating.

Release Date : 2018/08/08
Members at the time of release : Chiaki(Vo.), Miyako(Gt.), Sacchan(Ba.), SORA(Dr.)

“NUMANS-Roxette” by XA-VAT (2011)

XA-VAT consists of Shuji Ishii, vocalist of cali≠gari, Közi, guitarist of MALICE MIZER, and Sadie Pink Galaxy. The three members wear flashy outfits that no ordinary person would be able to wear, just like in Paris Fashion Week. The coolness of the techno music they produce is on a different level from that of ordinary music. It is no wonder, then, that Shuji Ishii is also active as GOATBED, and Közi is known among fans for having released a CD with Ken Morioka of SOFT BALLET. The vivid music and visual beauty of the music will be eye-catching.

Release Date : 2011/03/16
Members at the time of release : Ishii Shuji(Vo.), Közi(Gt.), SADIE PINK GALAXY(Gt.), Takao Koma(Programming)

“Abnormal Therapy” by ZOMBIE (2016)

As the band name ZOMBIE suggests, they are active in zombie-like make-up and costumes. Their music videos are often fairy tale-like or have an interesting storyline, and are a must-see.

Release Date : 2016/09/13
Members at the time of release : KANATA(Vo.), SHO(Gt.), Aoi Midori(Ba.), REIKA(Dr.)

“Otoshiana no soko ha Konna Sekai” by Matenrou Opera (2011)


Matanrou Opera has won the hearts of many fans with their high performance ability and vocalist Sono’s high-pitched vibrato. The music is truly artistic, with operatic grandeur and digital rock innovation. The audience cannot take their ears off of Sono’s voice, which can transform from clear vocals to angry shouts.

Release Date : 2011/10/19
Members at the time of release : Sono (Vo.), Anzi(Gt.), Yo(Ba.), Ayame(Key.), Yu(Dr.)