10 recommended Vkei songs from the 2000s that you can listen to on Spotify. (2/2)

In the 2000s, we can’t miss not only new bands, but also bands that have been active since the 90s, such as DIR EN GREY’s overseas expansion. Also, although not on Spotify, don’t miss MALICE MIZER’s Mana’s solo project, Moi dix Mois. Now, let’s take a look at the remaining 5 songs in the “10 V-kei songs from the 2000s you can listen to on Spotify”!

“Myaku(脈)” by DIR EN GREY (2000)

“Myaku” starts with a fairy-tale intro, but in a good way, it goes beyond the listener’s imagination. The song is packed with addictive elements, such as the odd time signature, catchy and melodious chorus, shouts, and narrative part in the middle part of the song.

Release date : 2000/02/16
Members at the time of release : Kyo(Vo.), DIE(Gt.), Kaoru(Gt.), Toshiya(Ba.), Shinya(Dr.)

“Gekkoka” by Janne Da Arc (2005)

This song is the biggest hit single in the history of Janne Da Arc and the theme song for the Japanese anime “BLACK JACK”. Yasu’s high-pitched crystal voice matches the sad ballad. It features a mysterious and classical taste with effective use of synthesizer tones.

Release date : 2005/01/19
Members at the time of release : yasu(Vo.), you(Gt.), ka-yu(Ba.), kiyo(Key.), shuji(Dr.)

“Dakishimete Schwarz” by GOLDEN BOMBER (2008)

It was also in the 2000s that Golden Bomber emerged as a new style Visual-kei band. The song has an easy-to-remember phrase that makes you want to sing it at karaoke and a melody that makes you feel nostalgic.

Release date : 2008/05/01
Members at the time of release : Kiryuin Sho(Vo.), Can Yutaka(Gt.), Utahiroba Jun(Ba.), Tenkujyo Dankichi(Dr.)

“Cyclone” by 12012 (2007)

“Cyclone” is the major debut single of 12012. From the intro of the song, a sense of speed can be felt. Vocalist Wataru Miyawaki sings without a moment to catch his breath, adding a sense of dynamism to the song. When the song enters the main part, you can feel the energy being released all at once.

Release date : 2007/06/13
Members at the time of release : Miyawaki Wataru(Vo.), Sakai Hiroaki(Gt.), Saito Shinichiro(Gt.), Enya Tomoyuki(Ba.), Kawauchi Toru(Dr.)

“Occult Proposal” by VIDOLL (2002)

All of VIDOLL’s songs are great, but “Occult Proposal” in particular is one of the loveliest, full of visual-kei style. The story-like lyrics, the extreme emotional ups and downs, and the handmade music video are all fresh and make you want to keep listening to the song. Vocalist Jui’s vibrato is also beautiful and shows the high potential of the band from the beginning of their activities. If you have a chance, please watch the music video as well. You will definitely want to check out VIDOLL’s work after “Occult Proposal”!

Release date : 2002/12/25
Members at the time of release : Jui(Vo.), Ayano(Gt.), Hide(Gt.), Rame(Ba.), TERO(Dr.)

writer Nakajima