10 recommended Vkei songs from the 2000s that you can listen to on Spotify. (1/2)

The 2000s was a time when some say that Visual-kei lost some of its momentum, but it was also a time when V-kei gained popularity overseas, and we saw great potential for the future. In this issue, we will introduce bands that debuted or were active in the 2000s, limited to songs available on Spotify!

“reila” by the GazettE (2005)

The GazettE’s early masterpiece “reila” boasts overwhelming popularity in Japan and abroad. RUKI’s emotional singing expresses the sadness of losing a loved one. The music video is fantastic and makes you feel as if you are watching a movie. After this song, the GazettE’s songs began to be distributed on major labels, and their popularity skyrocketed. The first whispered word by RUKI, “reila,” is sure to make you fall in love. It is an unforgettable song. 

Release Date : 2005/05/08
Members at the time of release : RUKI(Vo.), URUHA(Gt.), AOI(Gt.), REITA(Ba.), KAI(Dr.)

“the WORLD” by Nightmare (2006)

Nightmare, like the GazettE, is one of the leading Visual Kei bands of the 2000s. This song was the opening theme for the anime “DEATH NOTE,” and it became a huge hit that transcended genres. The lyrics were inspired by the main character, Light Yagami, and faithfully depict his madness. The key point of the song is that the development of the song changes in accordance with the main character’s emotional movements.

Release Date : 2006/10/18
Members at the time of release : YOMI(Vo.), Sakito(Gt.), Hitsugi(Gt.), Ni~ya(Ba.), RUCA(Dr.)

“Macchina” by cali≠gari (2009)

The song “Macchina” is one of the most exciting songs at a live concert, and I hope many people will listen to it! At the live performance, guitarist Ao Sakurai holds a fan with feathers, and the audience dances wildly to this dance tune. The chaotic lyrics, the refrain of the phrases, and the crazy dancing during the techno interlude, all have a flavor that only cali≠gari can bring out.

Release Date : 2009/08/26
Members at the time of release: Ishii Shuji(Vo.), Sakurai Ao(Gt.), Murai Kenjiro(Ba.), Takei Makoto(Dr.)

“Gerbera” by MUCC(2006)

MUCC is characterized by its heavy music and the tremendous vocals of Tatsuro. The song starts off on a subdued tone and gradually builds up in intensity, as if you are listening to the screams of a soul. The crying guitar is also impressive.

Release Date : 2006/02/15
Members at the time of release : TATSURO(Vo.), Miya(Gt.), YUKKE(Ba.), SATOCHI(Dr.)

“Kubitsuri Ronde”by MERRY (2005)

MERRY’s music is full of retro and underground atmosphere. “Hanging Rondo” is highly addictive, with a quirky rhythm that has an old J-pop feel to it. From the intro to the end, Gara’s husky, mysterious voice is intertwined with the creepy tune of this masterpiece.

Release Date : 2005/09/07
Members at the time of release : Gara(Vo.), Yu(Gt.), Kenichi(Gt.), Tetsu(Ba.), Nero(Dr.)

(writer Nakajima)