15 recommended Vkei songs from the 1990s that you can listen to on Spotify. (3/3)

The 1990s can be considered the heyday of Visual-kei. While Visual-kei was becoming more common due to the success of its predecessors, it was also a time when the expression of Visual-kei became more diverse than ever, as bands tried to differentiate themselves from others with their concepts and appeal. Here again, we introduce you to some of the best songs from the 90’s that you can listen to on Spotify!

“-I’ll-” by Dir en grey (1998)

It is a legendary song that has achieved phenomenal sales despite its minor distribution. From the beginning to the end of the song, you can enjoy the impeccable beauty of the melodic development. Never forget the excitement I felt when I first heard this song:)

Release date : 1998/08/12
Members at the time of release : kyo(Vo.), Die(Gt.), Kaoru(Gt.), Toshiya(Ba.), Shinya(Dr.)

Janne Da Arcの“RED ZONE” (1999)

With this song, Janne Da Arc made their major label debut. It is a heavy metal song that combines hard rock and fantastic keyboard playing, and has a melodious finish. Yasu’s high tone voice with a mixture of power and transparency is very attractive.

Release date: 1999/05/19
Members at the time of release : yasu(Vo.), you(Gt.), ka-yu(Ba.), kiyo(Key.), shuji(Dr.)

“Fudan no Mado” by Guniw Tools (1997)

Guniw Tools produces one-of-a-kind music that is a pleasure to see and hear. This song has a fairy-tale atmosphere that will make you feel dreamy, but the lyrics are realistic and may remind you of reality. The melancholy bass line played by JAKE gently blows away the dirt from your mind in this refreshing song.

Release date : 1997/08/21
Members at the time of release : full(Vo.), Asaki(Gt.), JAKE(Ba.)

“Hanasaku Inochi Arukagiri” by Raphael (1999)

Raphael’s music is a combination of fragility and ephemeral beauty. The lyrics and melodies that straightforwardly express a pure heart drawn from a rich sensibility could only have come from Raphael at that time. The beauty of the music, a fusion of classical and metal, is breathtaking.

Release date : 1999/07/23
Members at the time of release : YUKI(Vo.), Kazuki(Gt.), YUKITO(Ba.), HIRO(Dr.)

Metamorphose” by LAREINE (1998)

LAREINE’s two-dimensional look and melancholic melodies are a perfect match. You will want to listen to it when you want to have a healthy sleep or when you want to fall in love.

Release date : 1998/12/18
Members at the time of release : KAMIJO(Vo.), MAYU(Gt.), EMIRU(Ba.), MACHI(Dr.)

(writer Nakajima)