15 recommended Vkei songs from the 1990s that you can listen to on Spotify. (2/3)

Often referred to as the golden age of Visual-kei, the late 1990s was a time when Visual-kei culture spread widely among adults and children alike, with many anime tie-ups. In addition to the artists you can listen to on Spotify, there are too many other great bands to introduce, such as MALICE MIZER, La’cryma Christi, PIERROT, La’Mule, and many more! For this issue, we have selected 10 songs from this late 90’s scene.

“eve ~Last night for you~” by Laputa (1997)

When it comes to 90’s Visual Kei, you can’t miss Laputa! Laputa’s combination of decadent atmosphere and catchy melodies is exquisite, and their songs are all great, but I especially have to tip my hat to “eve ~Last night for you~” for its high level of perfection. The combination of Kouichi’s artistically beautiful guitar playing and Aki’s emotionally unique voice makes a sad song even sadder. It’s such a great song that I don’t even need to talk about it:)

Release date : 1997/05/28
Members at the time of release : Aki(Vo.), Kouichi(Gt.), Junji(Ba.), Tomoi(Dr.)

“Like a Angel” by Kuroyume (黒夢) (1996)

Kiyoharu has been at the forefront of the times in everything from fashion to music to style. One of the most divine songs of Kuroyume, led by Kiyoharu, is “Like an Angel. From the beginning of the song, you are drawn into their world. Kiyoharu’s high and unique voice, the fantastic lyrics, and the immoral beauty of the video are all a must-see!

Release date: 1996/11/18
Members at the time of release : Kiyoharu (Vo.), Hitoki (Ba.)

“Adolescent vampires”by Merry Go Round (1997)

Merry-Go-Round boasts a cult following. Often singing about twisted love, they have captured the hearts of their fans with their horrifying lyrics and poisonous melody lines. Although they may be a little less well known since they have not made their major label debut, vocalist Kazuma’s fetishistic expressions and gothic atmosphere have had a tremendous impact on the visual kei music scene. They are also recommended for people who like horror movies, and once you get into their “swamp”, it is impossible to get out!

Release date : 1997/09/21
Members at the time of release : Kazuma(Vo.), Hideno(Gt.), Junna(Ba.), Kyo(Dr.)

“Romance” by Penicillin (1998)

Penicillin’s biggest hit, the beautiful and intense vocals of HAKUEI are a sight to behold. The song’s dramatic and flamboyant development, with its intonated vocals and rough guitar, is full of V-kei style and is nothing short of cool.

Release date : 1998/01/15
Members at the time of release : HAKUEI(Vo.), Chisato(Gt.), GISHO(Ba.), O-JIRO(Dr.)

S.O.S Romantic” by CASCADE (1998)

“S.O.S Romantic” has a cute yet eerie tune. TAMA’s candy-like voice is perfect for a song with a pop melody and techno elements. Many of their songs were tied up with cartoons, so his voice may remind you of your childhood.

Release date : 1998/04/22
Members at the time of release : TAMA(Vo.), MASASHI(Gt.), MAKKO(Ba.), HIROSHI(Dr.)

(writer Nakajima)