5 Songs to listen to when you don’t know what to listen to in Vkei genre. (2/5)

X : Kurenai (1989)

Without a doubt, “Kurenai” is all time fave for almost all Vkei fans! Over 30 years has already passed since “Kurenai” was born to this planet. Having said that, whenever we are asked someone to pick only one Vkei song, this song will be an answer forever! Please check it out!

Emotional streams from a serenity to explosions.

Starting with a melancholic arpeggio, “KURENAI” abruptly changes to a heavy metal tone. We will be completely drawn in by this vivid contrast. I am sure many fans feel the same way, but every time we hear this song at one of their live performances, we feel a sense of togetherness.

Yoshiki’s speed drum performance.

The charismatic drummer, Yoshiki’s ultra fast drumming is one of must listen points. His fast and strong drumming style is adored by many fans.

“KURENAI” gives us feelings of sadness, excitement, and courage. It is a loss not to know this song! You will surely be melted by “KURENAI”.

writer: kato