5 Songs to listen to when you don’t know what to listen to in Vkei genre. (1/5)

hide : Beauty & Stupid (1996)

We cannot talk about Visual Kei music scene without mentioning about hide. Hide(1964-1998), the most well known Japanese guitarist, is a member of XJAPAN and a solo artist. Trying new things and surprising his fans are probably the defining characteristics of Hide. His such attitude has continued to appeal many people beyond generations

His “BEAUTY & STUPID” is a great song with a futuristic atmosphere, a catchy and addictive singing voice, and an impressive guitar riff. Please check it out!

hide’s catchy addictive voice & Impressive guitar riff.

His original voice itself is soft but not super characteristic but his various singing ways are very unique. He sung “Beauty & Stupid” quite rhythmically, as if he were a half robot. His catchy voice and each word were memorized in our brain as unique inputs. In addition to this, his guitar riffs are always very enchanting. Beauty& Stupid’s guitar riff is not an exception and will be stuck in our mind once you listen to.

hide’s futuristic atmosphere.

Most Japanese agree that hide was like a person from a future era. When he was alive in 90s, his music and style were thought to be 2-3 years ahead. Even now after 20 years from his death, his iconic style and song are always something new.

writer: Kato