“Good Morning”Playlist~Best visual kei songs and videos that wake you up~

“I need to get up early and get ready, but I want to sleep twice”……We’ve been looking for visual kei videos and songs to help you overcome these struggles.

“Ohayo(Good Morning)” by DEZERT

If you want to listen to a cheerful song, how about DEZERT’s “Ohayo(Good Morning)”?  Listening to it before you go out is sure to lift your spirits.

ASMR by Golden Bomber Sho KIRYUIN

What would you think if Kirisho could wake you up? 2 ASMRs are available for fans: the first is for those who wake up in the morning and the second is for those who wake up at night. Why not wake up to his voice?

“Rusty Nail” by X JAPAN

If you want to wake up to an intense song, how about setting your alarm to “Rusty Nail” by X JAPAN? The synthesizer intro phrase is beautiful and fits well with the morning.

“Peter Pan Syndrome” by Raphael

Are you feeling like you just don’t want to get up today? If so, how about “Peter Pan Syndrome” with the lyrics “Let’s refuse to wake up in the morning”? This song reminds us of the days when we overslept and hated going to school, but it’s a song that makes us think it’s okay to have days like that!

“Set a course for 6:00 AM.” by Matenrou Opera

There are many Matenrou Opera’s songs are for modern people who live out their days as hard as they can. Doesn’t this song sound like a cheering song for workers who get up early every morning to go to work? You may want to listen to it on your way to the office while you are on a crowded train or stuck in a traffic jam.

Are you awake by now? Have a great day!

(writer: Nakajima)