MALICE MIZER:Let us introduce the one and only greatest band’s music.

What a beauty MALICE MIZER! We are very excited to write about this song released 1997, because we have been enchanted with “Bel Air” since we first listened to their music. There are not enough words to express the splendor of “Bel Air” properly. In nutshell, you are able to travel a different world through this song.

Dramatic story development.

When you listen to this song, you feel like reading a novel. You will notice various sounds used like the ticktock sound of distorted time and a bit sad melody of an old musical box.

Harmony of twin guitars.

The two different lead guitarists, Mana-sama and Közi harmonize melodies together from the beginning to the end. Their sweet and mellow sounds take your breath far away.

The visual perfection of members.

Their visual presences also add this song unique and unforgettable. Once you get crazy, it is quite difficult to stop watching their music video. Yes, that is me.

Well, how was your travel? Don’t you feel sky closely as if you were together with sky? You are lucky because you met “Bel Air”.

writer: kato