Sleeping Music ~Best Visual Kei songs and videos that invite you a comfortable sleep~

Are you sleeping well? You try to relax by listening to music, but your favorite song wakes you up and you can’t sleep…However, you want a good night’s sleep… We have searched for videos and songs that we recommend when you are stuck in this endless loop..

Angelo KIRITO’s Youtube Radio

If you want to listen to someone’s voice at night, what about the Youtube radio that Angelo’s KIRITO has been doing recently at 1:00 AM? This radio started on May 2. His voice is very gentle, so you may have a good sleep if you listen to it before going to bed at night. Even if you don’t understand Japanese at all, his soft voice will make you sleep. 

ASMR by Golden Bomber Sho KIRYUIN

If you have trouble sleeping in a silent environment at night, why not watch Sho Kiryuin’s ASMR videos on youtube? Golden Bomber’s Kirisho has been posting a lot of calming videos lately. He explained that those videos are designed to help fans fall asleep faster. 

Comfort like a lullaby. “Overnight Hiking” by cali≠gari

If you want to listen to a lullaby-like song, how about “Overnight Hiking” by cali≠gari? It is a fantastical and philosophical song that conjures up scenes of a boy going on secret adventures in the night. Shuji Ishii’s voice in this song is like a whisper.  He sings at a low volume, so you may have sweet dreams with this song.


If you want to listen to a gentle song, don’t you think hide’s “GOOD BYE” is the best? There is the warmth and tenderness in hide’s voice. Listening to “GOOD BYE”, we feel like it makes us forget whatever troubles we have. When you can’t sleep because of anxiety, or when you have trouble sleeping, hide’s music calms you down. The music video is also perfect because it starts with the lights off.

If you want to have a sweet dream, Raphael’s “eternal wish~unreachable to you~” is the song for you.

If you want to hear a dreamy song, why not listen to Raphael’s new version of “eternal wish~unreachable to you~”? The version sung by YUKI in the late 1990’s is energetic and beautiful, but the new version sung by YUKI after 20 years is mature, gentle, and soothing. This song is about a promise to meet in a dream, and Hazuki’s lyrics are very pure and romantic. You will have a good dream, won’t you?

Have you found your favorite? Well then, good night!

(writer: Nakajima)