Satoshi Tsumabuki’s Lost luggage experience turned into a wonderful meeting experience behind THE 79TH VENICE FILM FESTIVAL.

Satoshi Tsumabuki, behind this smile, had suffered a happening!

The film “A Man” (Director: Kei Ishikawa), a film starring Satoshi Tsumabuki, was selected for the Orizzonti Competition section of the 79th Venice International Film Festival. Tsumabuki had arrived there to attend the premiere screening, but was hit by lost baggage at the airport during transit.

Tsumabuki also lost the costume he was supposed to wear when he took the stage, but the fashion brand DIOR helped Tsumabuki by giving him a set of costumes.

The screening of the film “A Man” was a success. Tsumabuki thanked DIOR for their help.

Tsumabuki updated his Instagram and wrote, “We made it to the Venice International Film Festival! We made it in time with our costumes! Thanks to my lost baggage, I was able to experience the kindness of the people of Venice! I would like to thank everyone at DIOR, especially Sam and Anna from the bottom of my heart!”. Checking his commemorative photo taken with the staff in the DIOR store, Tsumabuki is wearing a navy tuxedo and black bow tie. His smile conveys a sense of relief.