Another 12 kinds of LINE Stickers for Visual Kei fans again! (4/4)


LINE stickers we’re going to introduce today are deformed to the point where Vkei bands look like cartoon characters, while still retaining each member’s atmosphere.

・Royz who look like characters from girl’s manga.

Members look like cartoon characters and are drawn with a delicate touch. Since they are so cute, you’ll want to stamp them again and again.

 ・Kiryu(己龍), a very cute stickers.

The stickers of the little members wearing costumes of “Oborozuki Yo” are soooo cute, please check them out!

・Kodomo Dragon

Here are also very cute illustrations of Kodomo Dragon.

This is a great deal! 4 vkei bands from B.P. RECORDS have released their stickers together! If you compare the stickers of Kiryu, Royz, Kodomo Dragon and My Dragon, you can clearly feel the differences in the concept of each band.

・UNiTE. with an American comic style.

・SuG, drawn in a soft and fluffy way.

・Daizy Stripper in collaboration with illustrators.

Daizy Stripper’s stickers are created in collaboration with various creators. Enjoy the members drawn by about 10 creators with various touches!


Gossip released a series of LINE stickers. Their cute illustrations are very soothing, with large heads drawn like finger puppets.

・0.1g no Gosan

This version of stickers are also like something out of a comic book!

・JILUKA in Chibi style.

Their Chibi style is pretty, isn’t it?

・GRIEVA, nostalgic stickers.

GRIEVA’s blackish atmosphere reminds us of a 90s visual kei bands.

・Kouki from D=OUT

He released LINE stickers in 2 languages: Japanese and Chinese. Waiting for the English version!

・LEZARD like a Japanese animation.