Another 12 kinds of LINE Stickers for Visual Kei fans again! (3/4)


High quality LINE stickers are here.

There are so many unique stamps being created that you’ll want to get them all.

My favorite is the one by Count Yu~ki.

 ・Yu~ki from MALICE MIZER (available in 25 countries!!)

All MALICE MIZER’s fans have rejoiced to hear that he finally released those stickers! You can enjoy the various situations of the vampire count. Moreover, we are very happy with him wearing the red cape costume like the one from “Garnet”.

Yu~ki released his stickers on August 2019, and they are available for download in 25 countries!

 ・KAMIJO from Versailles.

After downloading stickers of Count Yu~ki, how about the one of KAMIJO?  He released it for celebrating his 20th career anniversary!

 ・Gorgeous photo stickers of Kaya.

If you’d rather have a sticker of the artist’s own photo than the one of an illustration, how about Kaya’s stickers?

 ・Compilation album of GOLDEN BOMBER.

The Golden Bomber always tries something new to entertain their fans! This time, the compilation album was released as LINE stickers. Each of the 24 stamps contain their songs edited to 8 seconds each. In addition, the song “Encounter 8 Seconds”, an original song written exclusively for this LINE stickers, was also included.

The Golden Bomber has also released a line sticker in honor of the “All Gays: Yuji on Second Street” tour that ran from 2016-2017.

・Sendai Kamotsu and NIGHTMARE.

If you like NIGHTMARE, how about Sendai Kamotsu or RUKA’s stickers? Members are super deformed in such a cute way, aren’t they?


We also recommend the METRONOME LINE stickers, which resumed activity in 2016!



All stickers are, surprisingly, drawn by the members themselves!

・Psycho le Cemu and YURA.

What about Psycho le Cemu stamps that were drawn by Lida and DAISHI?

YURA-sama’s palindrome stamps are interesting to use!

・Dancho from NoGoD

Don’t you think his stickers look just like him?

Shinpei Mörishige from FOXPILL CULT

Shinpei Morishige, aka KIZOKU, has come up with cute stamps. The brightly colored illustrations are quite Vkei-ish and exquisite.

Did you find your favorite stickers?