Is Sayuri of “Katsumi♥Sayuri” the same height as “Rei Ayanami”?

Is she also similar to Soryu Asuka Langley? There is a lot of talk about the high quality of her cosplay.

Sayuri of “Katsumi♥Sayuri”, a couple of comedians, updated her Instagram on February 16.
She posted pictures of herself alongside a life-size figure of Ayanami Rei, a character from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, and dressed as Soryu Asuka Langley, also from Evangelion.

Sayuri, who has been called a miracle 52-year-old, has been attracting attention for her outstanding style. Even when she was next to Ayanami Rei, her beauty shines through.

Katsumi♥Sayuri is a big fan of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, isn’t it? Buzz on the internet that her beauty is timeless.

Dressed in a mini length kimono, she sat on the palm of a life-size Evangelion Unit-1. The photo was taken at Toei Uzumasa Film Village, a period drama theme park in Kyoto City, where she apparently visited for a location shooting.

“Life-size Evangelion-chan ♡ Sayuri and life-size Ayanami Rei-chan ♡ Sayuri~ what’s this?” she added. Also showed a photo of herself dressed as Sosuke Asuka Langley 25 years ago, and next to her is a life-size figure of Rei Ayanami that her husband Katsumi bought. Her beauty, unchanged from that time, is the topic.

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