the GazettE

the GazettE’s members

vocals – RUKI
guitar – URUHA
guitar – AOI
bass – REITA
drums – KAI





The band was formed on March 10, 2002. The former band “Kar+te=zyAnose” was formed with RUKI, URUHA, and REITA, but disbanded when RUKI, the drummer at the time, switched to vocals. Yune on drums and Aoi on guitar joined the band and “the Gazette” was formed on March 10, 2002.

The first single “Farewell Road” was released in April 2002. In 2003, Yune left the band and the current drummer, Kai, joined the band. They belonged to “ETERNAL”, the Tokyo branch of “Matina”, an independent label established by KISAKI of the vkei rock band MIRAGE, but moved to “PS COMPANY” when the office was dissolved.

After the transfer, they performed widely under the tagline, “Dainipponn Itan Geisha”. When their 8th single “Cassis” became a hit in 2005, Gazette rose to stardom. In 2006, they successfully performed at the Nippon Budokan for the first time, and in 2010, they performed at the Tokyo Dome. Since 2011, they have been participating in major music festivals and have grown to become one of Japan’s leading artists.

the GazettE to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2022

In 2013, the GazettE WORLD TOUR 13 (9 shows in 7 countries) was held, and the band has been active internationally. As of 2019, they have successfully performed in 22 cities in 13 countries.

On March 10, 2022, the Gazettes held their 20th anniversary concert “20th ANNIVERSARY -HERESY-” at Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium. From May of the same year, they embarked on a nationwide tour “the GazettE LIVE TOUR2022 -MASS- / PHASE 01-COUNT “DECEM”” with the album “MASS” released in May 2021.

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