SHOW-YA’s members: vocals – Terada Keiko(寺田恵子) guitar – Igarashi ☆sun-go☆ Miki(五十嵐☆sun-go☆美貴) keyboard – Nakamura captaion Miki (中村”captain”美紀) bass – Semba Satomi(仙波さとみ) drums – Tsunoda mittan Miki (角田”mittan”美喜).

In 1982, they won the best grand prix band in the ladies division of a band contest sponsored by YAMAHA. In 1985, they made their major debut with Toshiba EMI. The band went on to produce numerous hits, including “Marginal Lovers” and “I am Arashi,” and released 11 singles and 8 albums. In 1991, Keiko Terada left the band, and a new vocalist was brought in to start the second phase of SHOW-YA. In September 1998, the group disbanded.

In 2005, the 20th anniversary of their debut, the original members reunited. In September 2015, the 30th anniversary year of their debut, they released their original album “PROGRESS. The group has continued to perform energetically since 2020, the 35th anniversary of their debut.

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