Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree’s members

vocals – Ryutato Arimura
guitar – Akira Nakayama
bass – Tadashi Hasegawa
drums – KOJI→SHIN→TAKASHI→Hiroshi Sasabuchi→Kenken Sato

The band was formed in 1993 with Ryutaro Arimura and Tadashi Hasegawa as the core members. After a period in the indies label, they made their major label debut on June 25, 1997, with the single “Cracked Window. At the time of their debut, Ryutaro was dressed in short pants, which was his standard costume. With his sweet husky voice, he produced many hit songs such as “Zetsubou no Oka”, “Tremolo”, and “Mizuiro Girl Friend”. “Sink,” released on August 25, 1999, was their best-selling song and was also used as the ED theme for the anime “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo”.


In August 2010, the band held a live performance without an announcement in front of Shinjuku Alta in Tokyo. The event attracted a great deal of attention, with approximately 8,000 fans pouring in despite the lack of advance notice. In 2015, the band held its first ever boys-only LIVE “Boys Don’t Cry”. In 2019, they performed with an orchestra (Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo) for the first time at the “25th Anniversary “Jyunen” Plastic Tree Symphonic Concert at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space. The year 2022 will mark the 15th anniversary of their debut.

The fifth drummer, Kenken Sato, officially joined the band on July 3, 2009. Their fan name is Kurage, meaning jellyfish. It is derived from JellyFish from the fan club JellyFish Breed.

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