Omega Dripp

Omega Dripp’s members

vocals – BicKy
drums – Chargeeeeee…
bass – Ryo-Ta
guitar / vampire – Takaichi
guitar / more – Shinya
ex-guitar – R.Y.U

Formed in 2005 with CHARGEEEEEEEE…(Dr.) and BicKy(Vo.). After several member changes, Ryo-Ta (Ba.) and Takaichi (Gu.) joined as supporting members in 2010 and 2011 respectively. In April 2012, they became official members when R.Y.U. (Gu.) joined. The five-piece band held their first live concert ‘Shout At The Neo Devil…†GIG’ at Meguro Rokumeikan on 7 April 2012. In May 2013, R.Y.U.(Gu.) left the band. Shinya (Gu.) joined as a new member in 2017.

Leader CHARGEEEEEEEE…’s flamboyant drum performance is unforgettable once seen. In addition to this band, he has worked with a number of other big-name musicians, including Marty Friedman band, ZIZ, ZIGGY and Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi.

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