LUNA SEA’s members

vocals – RYUICHI
guitar&violin – SUGIZO
guitar – INORAN
bass – J
drums – Shinya




LUNA SEA(@lunaseaofficial)がシェアした投稿

LUNA SEA started activities under the name of LUNACY based in Machida Playhouse in 1989. The following year, they changed their name to LUNA SEA and made their major label debut with IMAGE in May 1992. Their singles such as “ROSIER,” “DESIRE,” and “STORM” became big hits one after another.

Their fans, known by the nickname SLAVE, support them with an overwhelming amount of passion. RYUICHI’s beautiful voice and melody lines are a must-see. The band abruptly ended in 2000. After a one-night revival in 2007, they resumed their activities in 2010. In addition to touring all over Japan and holding concerts such as the annual Christmas Live performances, they have also hosted the LUNATIC FEST. music festival and continue to evolve.