Kiryu’s members

vocals – Kurosaki Mahiro
guitar – Sakai Mitsuki
guitar – Kujo Takemasa
bass – Isshiki Hiyori
drums – Tokai Junji

Formed in September 2007 under the concept of “painfully nostalgic”. The band consistently adheres to the theme of “Japanese horror” with its glittering costumes, traditional Japanese elements in the production, and sounds that incorporate Japanese instruments. Kurosaki Mahiro’s distinctive singing voice with intonation is another attraction.

The performance on September 19, 2019, the final day of Kiryu’s solo tour of “tender sentiments,” featured Hideki Onoe (Chuzao Shamisen), Akihisa Kominato (Shakuhachi), Shin Ichikawa (Koto), and Naosaburo Bihou (Taiko) in addition to the band members, making this the first collaboration in Kiryu’s history to feature live Japanese instrumental performances for all songs.

Kujo Takemasa(Gu.) has suspended his activities in the form of appearing on stage after the 14th anniversary performance of the birth of Kiryu on December 16, 2021. He has announced that he will be involved in Kiryu’s activities in a non-appearing way, such as composing Kiryu’s music. They will celebrate their 15th anniversary in 2022. On December 15, “The Fifteenth Anniversary of Kiryu’s Birth” will be held at the Tokyo Garden Theater.

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