HOLLOWGRAM’s members

vocals – ryo
guitar – Yumeji
bass – Kazuya
drums – Shinya
ex-bass – Yuki

Formed in 2014. Each member of the band is simultaneously involved in a variety of activities and has a reputation for a wide range of expressive abilities. Their melancholy and lyrical music is synonymous with HOLLOWGRAM.

In April 2017 Yuki (Bass) left the band. In September 2017, Kazuya, who had been supporting the band on twin guitars with Yumeji (Guitar), changed parts from guitar to bass to fill the bass position, and HOLLOWGRAM made a fresh start. In 2018, their first album in two years, “FLUID,” was released. The band is still actively performing concerts.

Diverse backgrounds, active in activities outside of HOLLOWGRAM

ryo (Vocal) started HOLLOWGRAM after having been a vocalist in GULLET, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, and others. While working mainly with HOLLOWGRAM, he is also a vocalist for KEEL, TAG (a digital unit with Kazutoshi Yokoyama, famous as a manipulator for BUCK-TICK), and DALLE (a gothic-punk style band led by Atsushi Hatta). He also collaborates with other bands as a designer.

Yumeji (Guitar) started playing in HOLLOWGRAM after having experienced many bands. At the same time, he started his own band, eStrial, in which he is the guitarist and vocalist.

Kazuya (Bass) is the band’s manipulator. He joined the band as a guitarist when it was formed, but changed his part from guitar to bass when the previous bass player left the band. He can play not only guitar, but also bass, violin, etc., depending on the song.

Shinya (Dr.) is known for his dramatic drumming. He is a support member of Jinkaku Radio.

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