GLAY’s members

vocals – TERU
guitar – TAKURO
guitar – HISASHI
bass – JIRO

GLAY was formed in 1988 in Hakodate, Hokkaido. GLAY made their major debut in May 1994 with “RAIN” produced by YOSHIKI from X JAPAN. Their best album “REVIEW-BEST OF GLAY” was released at the height of their popularity in 1997, and was registered as a Guinness World Record.

In July 1999, they held “GLAY EXPO ’99 SURVIVAL”, with 200,000 fans. The sound of the band’s performance could even be heard delayed in the rear area of the special stage in the parking lot of the vast Makuhari Messe. Since then, they have continued to be at the top of Japanese music history, and are one of the strongest rock bands in both name and reality.