vocals – Tsutomu Ishizuki
guitar – Kazuya
guitar – Shun
bass – RYUJI
drums – Toru

Formed in 1992 in Nagoya by Tsutomu Ishizuki, Kazuya, and RYUJI. The following year, Shun and Tatsuya (former drummer) joined the band, but Tatsuya left. In the same year, Toru joined as a new drummer, and the band continued with the same members until its dissolution in 2005. Since they were active mainly in the Nagoya area and gained popularity, they are known as a Nagoya-kei band together with Kuroyume, Laputa and ROUAGE.

On August 6, 1997, they made their major label debut with the single “SUPER SOUL. Together with MALICE MIZER, La’cryma Christi, and SHAZNA, who also made their major label debut around the same time, they were known as the “Visual Four Heavenly Kings”. Their biggest hit, the 9th single “Hi no tori (Firebird),” is their signature song, and their pop and colorful fashion also made them stand out in the V-kei scene at the time. On May 14, 2005, the group regrettably disbanded with a breakup live performance at Tokyo Bay NK Hall. After the breakup, Kazuya and Shun formed a new band “THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S” in 2011.

The year 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the formation of FANATIC CRISIS. On May 14, 2022, exactly 17 years after the breakup, Tsutomu Ishizuki, Kazuya, and SHUN. gathered at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall under the name “FANTASTIC◇CIRCUS”. With NATCHIN (Ba.) and LEVIN (Dr.) as support, the 30th anniversary live “Tensei-TENSEISM- FtC 30th ANNIVERSARY” was held.

Although not a revival with the five original members, fans who have been waiting for many years can rejoice. An additional performance, “TENSEISM ENCORE,” is scheduled for September 4 at Shinagawa Intercity Hall, and the three will continue their musical activities under the project name FANTASTIC◇CIRCUS.

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