DIR EN GREY’s members

vocals – KYO
guitar – KAORU
guitar – Die
bass – Toshiya
drums – Shinya

After “La:Sadie’s”, which is a former band of Dir en grey, was disbanded, the band was formed with the current five members, including Toshiya. The band was very popular from the time of its formation in February 1997, and the single “-I’ll-” released the following year marked its first appearance at No. 7 on the Oricon singles chart, despite being an indie release. In January 1999, X JAPAN’s YOSHIKI produced them, and the band made their major label debut with the simultaneous release of three singles, “Yurameki,” “Acro no Oka,” and “Zan”. Combined with their gorgeous looks, they expanded her fan base.

Since their second album “MACABRE” released in 2000, the range of expression in their music has gradually evolved. With each release, new talents blossomed, captivating listeners one after another. After successfully performing overseas for the first time in Asia in 2002, the band entered Europe in 2005 and the U.S. in 2006. The band has evolved into a band whose music has charted on international charts.

In July 2017, they held a joint live concert “ANDROGYNOS with PIERROT at the Yokohama Arena. PIERROT is a band that made their major label debut at the same time in the late 90s and was considered a rival of DIR EN GREY. After celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2018, DIR EN GREY continues to release new songs and perform live energetically, captivating their fans in an ongoing way!