0.1g no Gosan

0.1g no Gosan’s members

vocals – Midorikawa You
guitar – Kawamura Tomoyuki
guitar – Mizuta Mari
bass – Masaki Daisuke
ex.drums – Kanzaki Iria

Formed in March 2016. Their first single, “Toxic Menhera Doll,” was a big hit, expressing the menhera feelings of a girl. Their music videos, which incorporate everyday life that you can’t help but sympathize with, are gaining popularity, especially among young people.

Midorikawa You has a younger brother, Taku (Gt.) of the visual-kei rock band “Pentagon,” which regrettably disbanded in February 2020. The video “A Visual-kei band that became extra religious after taking measures against COVID-19” was posted on Twitter on August 21, 2021, in which Midorikawa You introduced the fans’ headbanging, instantly gains the number of views. The video had an impact on people who were unfamiliar with Visual-kei and attracted a lot of attention.

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